Puzzle #7: Masyu

I’m unsure about the difficulty level of this Masyu. Uniqueness can help at points, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Doing what I wanted with the puzzle was hard enough.

Short backstory: A relative lost something that had semi-sentimental value. Hopefully this is reminiscent of it…


Puzzle #2: Slitherlink

This is a Slitherlink puzzle. It’s quite difficult if you don’t use much if-then logic or the property of uniqueness. If those disreputable techniques (actually, feel free to use them if you get stuck; I don’t really mind) are avoided, I consider this somewhat of an extension to the logic in Puzzle 34 of MellowMelon’s Slitherlink puzzle pack.


Puzzle #1: Masyu

This is a Masyu puzzle.

Masyu is the puzzle type you’ll be seeing the most of from me.

If you came here from my AoPS blog, this Masyu is the same as Puzzle #1 there. While my hope is that most puzzles posted here will not be reruns, favorite puzzles on that blog will make their way over to this one at some point.

This puzzle uses many of the basic Masyu patterns.