Puzzle #8: Masyu

More Masyu. I’m about halfway between silly and serious on this one.



Puzzle #7: Masyu

I’m unsure about the difficulty level of this Masyu. Uniqueness can help at points, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Doing what I wanted with the puzzle was hard enough.

Short backstory: A relative lost something that had semi-sentimental value. Hopefully this is reminiscent of it…


Puzzle #2: Slitherlink

This is a Slitherlink puzzle. It’s quite difficult if you don’t use much if-then logic or the property of uniqueness. If those disreputable techniques (actually, feel free to use them if you get stuck; I don’t really mind) are avoided, I consider this somewhat of an extension to the logic in Puzzle 34 of MellowMelon’s Slitherlink puzzle pack.