Puzzle #26: Slitherlink

I mentioned I would return to other puzzle types, right? This is a Slitherlink, intended partially as a hint to that last Masyu. It can be understood with a trick that is also used in Puzzle #25. This Slitherlink making thing hasn’t been perfected, hence the uncentered numbers.

Also, I may or may not be able to post much longer, depending on whether I can continue using the Affinity beta after the full version releases.Slitherlink.8.6.1

Puzzle #25: Masyu

Puzzle #25 on the 25th? Clearly it should be a 25×25. This puzzle was inspired by a 15×15 I investigated/discovered/created a long while back for a yet-to-be-finished iOS app. Except this is harder. Using a math competition analogy, if the last couple puzzles were ‘AMC’-like, and the harder puzzles here are ‘AIME’ level, this is an Olympiad puzzle. Meant to be investigated, possibly with a dose of if-then, but once the theme is understood it should be doable? That’s the hope, anyway. (The hope is also that I’m right about this being hard. :P) On an unrelated note, I put as much time into this puzzle as I did into all other September puzzles combined. After this, I hope to return to other puzzle types besides Masyu. 25.25.1

Puzzle #23: Masyu

Continuing the same puzzle type…serious solvers, if this seems to easy, don’t worry. A hard one is coming. To others, most of these recent puzzles are my attempt at becoming more accessible. 6.6.1

EDIT: Size fixed from something embarrassingly large. Incidentally, what is the optimal size for people? I’ve going for 1000ish pixels to a side, but perhaps that’s a little much?

Puzzle #22: Masyu

Perhaps I should explain the influx of Masyu. I now use Affinity, a Mac program in beta testing, after searching a long time for a replacement for AI. So far, I’ve only bothered to learn how to make Masyu with it. Others may come in future, but Masyu also has that it’s my favorite puzzle type going for it.

This Masyu in particular I find interesting, because it’s symmetrical, but also not. One pair of circles is unnecessary, but I found the aesthetics nicer with them in than out.