Not a Puzzle

Well, my Affinity beta expired. So until I find another drawing program I like, there goes puzzle posting.

EDIT: Parents are nice. My dad was interested in replacing old AI software and likes me making puzzles, so Affinity is back 😀


4 thoughts on “Not a Puzzle

  1. provides an online editor / solver with PNG/SVG export for a LOT of puzzle types, and it can be used / abused to produce pretty much anything rectangular.
    Otto Janko’s applets are also available for embedding, although describing the grid is awkward.
    Inkscape is sort-of-available for Mac via XQuartz.

    • Before Affinity, I did try Inkscape, giving up after about a week of frustration. Not sure about embedding an applet. It sounds like more effort than I’m willing to put in. That puzzle generator seems very useful though. I’ll likely use it for everything 🙂

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