Puzzle #30: Masyu

This Masyu has a pretty funny breakin, I think.


EDIT: Multi solutions fixed.


5 thoughts on “Puzzle #30: Masyu

  1. Well, I can’t find said breakin. You are doing a splendid job of making your Masyu impossibly difficult.

    Seriously, I doubt even MellowMelon has constructed a vanilla Masyu as difficult as #25. I still haven’t solved it.

    • Oops I was referring to the black circle spiral as the breakin. (assuming you did that?) I don’t mean to make my Masyu puzzles so hard; perhaps it’s a result of specializing in the type. Coming back months later, my own puzzles can give me trouble.

      Hint for #25 (rot13): gur qvntbanyf ner vzcbegnag naq pbafgenva gur pragre.

      On my Masyus in general: There’s a little used (by others) trick with diagonal whites, relating to parity. I’ll post an exercise in it next.

      • I did not mean to imply that you should lower the difficulty of your Masyu. Your Masyu are constant, uphill battles, whereas MellowMelon’s puzzles are more like walking along, scaling a small cliff, and walking along again.

        As for the diagonal white trick, are you referring to this? http://goo.gl/U9GP16

      • Indeed you’re right, except I count three 😦 My test-solving must need some work. I’ve (hopefully) fixed it.

        I am referring partially to the technique in that post, but actually to an extension.

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