Puzzle #36: Masyu

I’ve essentially given up all diversity. Another puzzle, another Masyu.

I can’t accurately determine difficulty, but this is hopefully somewhat hard, which could explain the only mild visual pattern (of black circles and whites surrounding). If I get feedback that this is indeed tricky, it could be added to the hard category.



2 thoughts on “Puzzle #36: Masyu

  1. Took me a long time. As I’ve said before, your Masyu are constant uphill battles.

    For those of us who are stuck on the first step, pbafvqre gur cnggrea bs oynpx pvepyrf. After that, it’s a lot of trial and error (doable in one’s head of course) on the rest of the puzzle.

    • I actually intended more parity stuff than trial and error. Test solving, I only had to think ahead twice… Of course, I have the advantage of having made the puzzle 😛

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