Hello world. My name is Brian and I’m the only member of my high school’s Class of 2015. In addition to blogging here, I’m online as briantix most places I’m online and don’t use my real name. That’s not to say briantix’s are always me; there have been multiple times that username has been taken and I had to (gasp!) choose something else. When not playing with puzzles I may be at my piano, thinking about math problems, doing schoolwork, or creating inefficient but workable algorithms for Rubiks Cube-like toys. Of course, there’s a larger chance I’m asleep than any one of those things, but amazing things happen when you add probabilities.

Though I enjoy all types of logic puzzles, my favorite types are definitely loop puzzles. My top quality puzzles will most likely be Masyu or Slitherlink. The reason for this is mainly because I had access to a Masyu maker/solver for a long time and I made 500ish Masyu puzzles (most rather boring, but the experience showed me some interesting tricks I’ve never seen used elsewhere) in the course of a few months. For Slitherlink, I can apply some of the techniques I learned with Masyu as a non-negligible number of them had to do with general loop rules.

While posting will be irregular, I hope to post relatively often.


NOTE: If you want your blog added to the blogroll, contact me in some way, whether that’s through commenting or some other creative manner. Also, if I notice a referrer to my blog I’ll add it.


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