Sharing Frustration (All 3s Slitherlink)

This took five minutes to jot down and two hours to finish. I’m pretty sure it has three solutions.

As extensive casework if-then is no fun, don’t bother spending time solving. On the other hand, feel free to try and find good logical deductions. All threes doesn’t seem to be too interesting…


It’s is like the actually painful version of, which is still one of my favorite puzzles ever. Anyway, this puzzle is indicative of why I haven’t posted in a while; most stuff just seems to be not working out 😐

Puzzle #26: Slitherlink

I mentioned I would return to other puzzle types, right? This is a Slitherlink, intended partially as a hint to that last Masyu. It can be understood with a trick that is also used in Puzzle #25. This Slitherlink making thing hasn’t been perfected, hence the uncentered numbers.

Also, I may or may not be able to post much longer, depending on whether I can continue using the Affinity beta after the full version releases.Slitherlink.8.6.1

Puzzle #2: Slitherlink

This is a Slitherlink puzzle. It’s quite difficult if you don’t use much if-then logic or the property of uniqueness. If those disreputable techniques (actually, feel free to use them if you get stuck; I don’t really mind) are avoided, I consider this somewhat of an extension to the logic in Puzzle 34 of MellowMelon’s Slitherlink puzzle pack.